The Minnesota ENERGY STAR Challenge is a statewide project organized by the Great Plains Institute, the U.S. Green Building Council – Minnesota, and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Energy Smart program. The Challenge is supported by a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and in-kind contributions from several utilities.

The goal of the MN ENERGY STAR Challenge is to work toward increasing ENERGY STAR Certified buildings in the state to 1,000 and encourage participants to achieve 20% energy savings over 10 years.

Join the effort to produce energy savings in Minnesota.  Sign up for the MN ENERGY STAR Challenge now.

Why Sign Up for the MN Energy Star Challenge?

  • Get recognized!  Participating businesses will be publicly recognized on the website, media and U.S Green Building Council’s Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG).
  • Earn ENERGY STAR recognition for your business from the EPA.
  • Education: Training and seminars focused on proven solutions for energy efficiency.
  • Receive free technical assistance.
  • Energy savings are cost savings!  You can’t manage what you don’t measure so sign up today and start reducing your power bills and increasing occupant comfort!

Technical Assistance for Eligible Buildings

NOTE: All assistance will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t miss your chance, SIGN UP TODAY!

Buildings that are eligible for ENERGY STAR can receive:

  • Free energy assessments and energy benchmarking
  • Assistance identifying energy saving projects eligible for rebates and financing
  • Incentives to reduce the cost of ENERGY STAR certification for buildings who have an qualifying ENERGY STAR score

If your building does not qualify for ENERGY STAR certification:

  • There may be free or reduced services available to help benchmark your building in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and help to identify energy saving projects eligible for rebates and financing.

NOTE: Buildings located in Minneapolis are not eligible to receive technical assistance through the MN ENERGY STAR Challenge. Building located in Minneapolis that are interested in benchmarking or ENERGY STAR should CLICK HERE for more information.

More MN ENERGY STAR Challenge Information:

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